The Empty Marriage

There was a certain  man who knew from a very young age that he wanted to be married when he grew up.  His parents had told him that marriage was a source of great joy and blessing.  And so it happened that when he was in his mid twenties he met a nice woman at a social event.

After they had talked for a while, he asked her, “Will you marry me?”
A little startled, she replied, “Ok. When do you have in mind?”
“Tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 in the courthouse.”
“That’s fine” she replied.
By 3:30 the next day, the Justice of the Peace had pronounced them “man and wife”.  The new groom turned to his wife, smiled, shook her hand, and said
“Thank you so much.  This has been a great desire of mine.  Goodbye.”
She replied, “You’re welcome. Goodbye.”

A number of years later, a friend asked him,
“I’ve always wondered why you never got married.”
“Oh, I did get married, years ago; look here’s my framed marriage certificate.”
” I’m sorry” replied his friend, a little puzzled, “Are you divorced, or did your wife die?”
“Oh no” came the quick reply, “I’m still married.”
“Well then, where’s your wife?” asked his friend, even more puzzled.
“Oh, I don’t know.”
“Haven’t you talked with her since you got married?”
“No” he replied simply.
“Then why in the world did you get married?” asked his now astonished friend.
“Well, my parents told me that marriage was a source of great joy and blessing in life” he explained with a little indignation.
“So has it been?”
“Well I’m sure that it has been.  My parents wouldn’t lie to me.”

I trust this story sounds ridiculously absurd.  But, is it any more absurd than the notion that you can “become a Christian” and never have any communication with God, never walk with Him, never know Him?  Some people mistakenly think that they can believe a few things about Jesus, raise their hand, sign a card, live their life as they please, and then go to live with God in Heaven when they die.

This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent. John 17:3

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