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The heart of my Biblical Studies:

Salvation through Jesus Christ is not a ticket or shortcut to Heaven.  It is not a transaction whereby if you simply believe certain things ABOUT God and Jesus, you are automatically guaranteed arrival at your destination of Heaven.

Biblical salvation is deliverance from the domain of darkness and from the power of sin.  It is a life of walking humbly with God; a walk that is empowered and guided by the Holy Spirit; a walk of trusting, loving, and obeying; a holy life, doing good deeds; a walk that is sustained by prayer, study of the Word, and fellowship.  This is knowing God – this is eternal life. That walk starts by believing the Gospel message about God and Jesus, surrendering your life to Him, and turning from whatever displeases Him.

The purpose of this material is to help people in their walk with God, and their service to Him.


April, 2017